It's always so much fun for Wyatt and Hank when Liam and Ezra's cousins come to visit. It means more kids and more fun.  I loved watching them play together.  I grabbed my camera for some of it but it's hard to catch kids playing together because they move so fast.  In the pictures are Wyatt, Hank, Liam, Ezra, Kate, Laney, Lacey and Jesse.

Yesterday was the Moab half marathon.  I loved it.  I got up at 4:45am and rode to Moab with some friends.  My friends Betsy and Stephen have run this race 6 times so they were able to calm my rookie nerves.  If it wasn't for them I would have been the first one on the bus up the canyon with my warm clothes off and in the sweat vehicle, freezing, waiting two hours for the race to start.  

After we picked up our packets one of my water bottles spilled in my bag and got my little canon point/shoot camera wet, my ear band, thermal top, holga and my precious iphone.  My iphone speakers weren't working after they got wet but miraculously started working again on our drive home. I'm so glad.  The little camera is dead and we'll see how my Holga film comes out.  That was the only bit of bad luck all day.

I met up with Cary Rogers, on old college roommate and one of my best friends.  We ran together the whole time and had so much fun talking about everything.  We are the kind of friends that just pick right up where we left off.  We kept saying, "I can't believe we have gone 2, 5, 8 miles.  I feel so good."  Our slow and steady pace, good conversation, great weather, and beautiful setting made it so enjoyable.  The excitement of thousands of runners and the caffeine boost in my energy beans and shot blocks gave me unbelievable energy. It was so great to have Willie and the boys at the finish line waiting for me.  My dear little family.  Cary and I came in at 2hrs and 23 minutes, a steady 10 minute 55 second mile pace.  

In short, I'm totally doing this again, every year, for the rest of my life.


So through a string of events I now own the camera of my dreams, a Canon 5D.  I am a lucky woman. I always planned on buying one down the road, but stumbled on one listed on Craig's list and once my wheels start turning I don't quit until it happens.  So I sold my old camera on ebay, got a great price on a 5D body and the seller took my wide angle lens as more than half the payment.  The wide angle lens would not fit the 5D body.  The seller of the camera and his wife are so pleasant and friendly.  We met in the park Saturday for me to try out the camera, then we met at their house today.  His name is Larry Bennett and he is a nature and travel photographer.  Here is his website.

My next hurdle is to replace the lens I traded, but all in good time.  I can survive with my one lens for a while.  All this selling, trading, emailing, worrying, etc has left me a bit drained.  It's actually not all said and done until the buyer of my camera receives it on Wed. and is pleased.

Also, other good news.  Things are growing in my garden.  I tinkered around on Saturday and saw bulbs coming up, mint turning green, oriental poppy foliage getting bushy.  I just love spring.

After I got the camera today we went to the park and took a few pictures.

I've been going through some old pictures and videos. I found a few videos that I love. Our stake president has asked every family to write a 1-3 page family history and that has me reminiscing. 3 pages is hard. I could go on forever with all the great details and experiences. What a great almost ten years we've had as a family.

Steamboat Springs: 3rd year anniversary

Willie and I made several trips to Steamboat springs when we lived in Boulder. We spend two anniversaries there. On this trip I was pregnant and in the throws of morning sickness. I can see it on my face. I miscarried this pregnancy at 11 weeks. The fall colors were beautiful and the nights cool and starry. We are planning on returning to Steamboat to celebrate our 10th anniversary, if we can make arrangements to leave the kids with grandparents.

Mt. Timpanogos

I have loved this mountain ever since I was young. We hiked Timp on a monday and it was deserted and so quiet. The weather was wonderful. I'm looking forward to hiking it again sometime soon.

Wyatt Laughing at about 6 months

Wyatt 2 years Old

Last week's run was 8 miles and wonderful. I was on top of the world again and had speed and energy.  We ran in Fruita around some great farms.  I saw all kind of live stock.  My knee started to ache by the end of the run but felt better by the end of the day.  After the previous run my knee hurt saturday and sunday. I read a bit about it and I think it might be runners knee from a combination of going too fast (I can't fall far behind if I want someone to talk to), hills, the fact that I have a natural turn out and my second toe is longer than my first.  It sounds like I might need to invest in some orthotics.

This morning was a 12 mile run and unfortunately, I had the blahs. I've had them all week.  I'm not sure if I'm coming down with something or not.  My heart rate has been high this week at the gym and I feel exhausted.  It was so beautiful this morning and we ran up against the monument.  It was also the first clear morning run in months.  I even saw some stars.  So not only was I dragging but the run had some long hills and I started off the run with a mild asthma attack.  I look it slow and enjoyed myself and only walked about the last half mile (up a steep hill).  For the second half I ran with a woman named Heidi and we had a great time getting to know each other.

One part of the run that was breathtaking was when we were running up a hill just as the sun was coming up and there was a light frost on the ground.  Everything was sparkling.  I didn't have time to try and catch it with my phone but it was so pretty.  Also, as I approached the water stop at the top of the hill at the half way mark, the group was steaming as the sun hit them. 

We have one 6 mile run next Saturday then race day.

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