So through a string of events I now own the camera of my dreams, a Canon 5D.  I am a lucky woman. I always planned on buying one down the road, but stumbled on one listed on Craig's list and once my wheels start turning I don't quit until it happens.  So I sold my old camera on ebay, got a great price on a 5D body and the seller took my wide angle lens as more than half the payment.  The wide angle lens would not fit the 5D body.  The seller of the camera and his wife are so pleasant and friendly.  We met in the park Saturday for me to try out the camera, then we met at their house today.  His name is Larry Bennett and he is a nature and travel photographer.  Here is his website.

My next hurdle is to replace the lens I traded, but all in good time.  I can survive with my one lens for a while.  All this selling, trading, emailing, worrying, etc has left me a bit drained.  It's actually not all said and done until the buyer of my camera receives it on Wed. and is pleased.

Also, other good news.  Things are growing in my garden.  I tinkered around on Saturday and saw bulbs coming up, mint turning green, oriental poppy foliage getting bushy.  I just love spring.

After I got the camera today we went to the park and took a few pictures.

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  1. Jewel Stratford said...
    I had no idea you have progressed into such a veteran runner. Good job! Your Dad is so happy to hear you are following in his footsteps! and the photos are superb!

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