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I've been going through some old pictures and videos. I found a few videos that I love. Our stake president has asked every family to write a 1-3 page family history and that has me reminiscing. 3 pages is hard. I could go on forever with all the great details and experiences. What a great almost ten years we've had as a family.

Steamboat Springs: 3rd year anniversary

Willie and I made several trips to Steamboat springs when we lived in Boulder. We spend two anniversaries there. On this trip I was pregnant and in the throws of morning sickness. I can see it on my face. I miscarried this pregnancy at 11 weeks. The fall colors were beautiful and the nights cool and starry. We are planning on returning to Steamboat to celebrate our 10th anniversary, if we can make arrangements to leave the kids with grandparents.

Mt. Timpanogos

I have loved this mountain ever since I was young. We hiked Timp on a monday and it was deserted and so quiet. The weather was wonderful. I'm looking forward to hiking it again sometime soon.

Wyatt Laughing at about 6 months

Wyatt 2 years Old

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  1. Hilma Bellessa said...
    I forgot how much I love these videos.

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