Long time no post.  I have been so busy.  So busy.  It's a combination of several things.  A stressful tax/accountant drama at studioCase got me behind on my work.  The weather is beautiful and I have loads of yard work to do.  I am in charge of an upcoming relay for life silent auction and am making a quilt for it.  Then there are the other things I need to do like be a mom, clean our house, play in a band, take pictures, blog, etc.

Sunday before last we were at a friend's house for a BBQ.  I hear Wyatt break into an injury cry.  Now if you have been around Wyatt you know he is an emotional fellow.  When he gets hurt he really cries.  It's loud and alarming, but I've kind of gotten used to it.  So when I heard him cry out I went over to him to offer comfort and he was holding his head and said his friend had thrown a dog bone.  When I bent over to comfort him I saw blood starting to come from his head.  I immediately lost any cool I had.  I carried him into our friends house and put him in the sink.  He was bleeding so much it was running into his mouth and he was screaming.  Willie got a look at the cut and thought we should go see a doctor to see if he needed stitches.  So we left the BBQ with Wyatt screaming, in my arms with a bloody rag to his head.  

A nurse cleaned his wound, and said a doctor could give the final word on stiches/glue in an hour.  She gave Wyatt a headband to hold some gauze on his head.  At this point his spirits started to improve.  We stopped by home to change his clothes and went back to the BBQ.  At the end of a long fast Sunday, i was all about getting some food.  When we returned everyone cheered for Wyatt and he was so happy.

The doctor said the wound was more of a puncture wound and the glue would sting and he thought it would be fine.  Wyatt was really happy that he got to go to the doctor alone with Willie and I stayed home with Hank.  Wyatt loves being withe his dad.  After putting medicine on his wound and having his hair constantly greasy, I thought it was a good time for a buzz cut.  Hank insisted that he get a hair cut too.  I think they look so cute.

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