We had a great campout in Moab last weekend.   First off, big news, my dad let us borrow his mini Van for a while until we save up enough money to buy our own.  I called him to see if he had an extra car around that we could use (he has a lot of cars).  I was thinking we could come out and get something up and running.  He made all these repairs on his mini van and then drove it out to Green River to give it to us.  It was so nice.  He really loves this mini van so it means a lot that he would put it in our care.  The van turned out to be very handy on this camping trip because of the rain and a wind storm.  We moved the seats into our car and hung out in the back for shelter.  We have major plans for our mini van/ camping vehicle that include a solar battery for charging iphones, a side awning, and a blow up mattress for the back.

So on our way to Moab from Green River Willie and the boys took the mini van.  I was behind in our car and stopped to take a few pictures.  I knew the name of the campground and just assumed I'd find it easily.  Well, I assumed wrong.  After a long time I couldn't find the campsite and couldn't find Willie and the boys. We didn't have cell phone reception or 3G or anything. It was getting dark and starting to rain and I knew the kids were hungry. I was starting to get stressed out.  So I said a prayer and as soon as I was done, in my mind I saw a dirt road that I had not turned down yet.  It was unmarked and very long, but finally at the end I found our group. Unfortunately, Willie and the boys had not found it yet.  So I said another prayer and went back out to find them.  The words that came to my mind were, "Wait at the Onion Creek Sign".  I kept thinking, no I should drive down the canyon a bit or I should wait at the top of the dirt road.  Anyway, i decided I would in fact wait at the onion creek sign and that's where I found Willie and the boys.  I'm so thankful for answers to prayer.

This Moab trip was one of our best yet.  Hank and Wyatt are getting so good at camping.  We had rain on Friday night and Saturday morning but we slept well and stayed warm.  It warmed up by the afternoon and all four of us went on the same boat down the river.  Hank and Wyatt were great. It took about 3hrs and they just looked around and acted cute.  We had a great campfire Saturday night with music and glowsticks and smores.  I'm so glad we got to come.  If you want to see some more pictures I put some on my photography blog here.

Mother's Day

I'm thinking about mothers today.  How could I not be? I am so blessed to have a great mother who devoted so much time to teaching and loving me.  I have a step mother who is kind and nurturing.  I have a mother-in-law that raised my husband very well.  I'm surrounded by great mothers.

I'm so happy.  I love my children and my husband.  I love our house and our flowers.  This year I feel like I've finally recovered from having Hank ( a long time I know) and now I'm thinking about if I'll have another baby or not.  Having my boys was hard.  Pregnancy, birth, and postpartum aren't my talents, but it was all worth it.  I can't even imagine life without my children. Some times they are trying my patience, interrupting my sleep or pestering me.  Most of the time they are making me laugh, cuddling up to me and bringing me joy .  I love being a mom.

Not much has been going on but a whole lot of domestic bliss.  Spring has been wonderful.  The boys have been playing outside with neighbors every day.  I don't have to ration TV or computer time, they just want to be outside, barefoot and shirtless doing what they do. Sometimes I listen in to what they are playing and hear things like "Come on.  It's time for evil surgery".  They play fight, dig holes, play in water and ride bikes.  It's so much fun to watch.  The only problem is that Hank is constantly trying to get to our neighbor Jenny's house. He can climb over our front fence and thankfully there is a lock on the front door he can't open, yet.

Everything is growing and there is the constant smell of lilac in the air.  I got a new lens for mothers day and I've had so much fun practicing with it.  Willie put a huge window in our garage and it's slowly turning into my studio for shooting portraits.   We've been playing music on the back porch, eating with friends and just enjoying our longer days.  Life is good.  We've had a recent cold snap and our garden is growing slow.  It's hard to imagine that by the end of summer it will be overflowing with tomatoes and herbs.

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