Domestic Bliss

Not much has been going on but a whole lot of domestic bliss.  Spring has been wonderful.  The boys have been playing outside with neighbors every day.  I don't have to ration TV or computer time, they just want to be outside, barefoot and shirtless doing what they do. Sometimes I listen in to what they are playing and hear things like "Come on.  It's time for evil surgery".  They play fight, dig holes, play in water and ride bikes.  It's so much fun to watch.  The only problem is that Hank is constantly trying to get to our neighbor Jenny's house. He can climb over our front fence and thankfully there is a lock on the front door he can't open, yet.

Everything is growing and there is the constant smell of lilac in the air.  I got a new lens for mothers day and I've had so much fun practicing with it.  Willie put a huge window in our garage and it's slowly turning into my studio for shooting portraits.   We've been playing music on the back porch, eating with friends and just enjoying our longer days.  Life is good.  We've had a recent cold snap and our garden is growing slow.  It's hard to imagine that by the end of summer it will be overflowing with tomatoes and herbs.


  1. David said...
    So wonderful. We're still getting snow here..I'm in charge of a lilac festival in two weeks..looks like we'll have to fake the lilacs. I get lonely for you. I'll look forward to seeing the big window in the garage. (MOM)
    Jewel Stratford said...
    I think Grand Junction would be the perfect place to live. You are inspiring. Makes me want to try to bloom where I'm planted.

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