Summer Solstice

Today is the longest/ lightest day of the year.  I have to admit, I love this earth.  What a beautiful place.    

Last night I went out to take some pictures of my flowers.  I spread some seeds last spring and I had several come up (a year later) and I didn't know what they were going to be. I've had my eye on them constantly.  I thought they were going to be Black Eyed Susan's but I wasn't sure.  We'll they finally bloomed and they are indeed Black Eyed Susan's.  My mom had these in the our back yard in Provo. I'm happy to welcome a bunch of them into our yard.

We have a lot of lettuce and herbs right now.  Everything else is getting big and bushy.  


  1. starr said...
    Sally, I got so wrapped up in the craze of the day that I completely forgot it was the solstice. Thanks for the pleasant reminder and peek at your garden of splendor. You capture it so beautifully!
    Hilma Bellessa said...
    Next time you come you need to take some more of my garden home. It makes me happy to share some of the Midway beauty with you. Your place is so beautiful.
    Hilma Bellessa said...
    I meant you should take some plant starts home with you the next time you come. I like sharing those with you.

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