Wyatt has been anticipating the first day of kindergarden since he got out of preschool at the beginning of the summer.  He's been so excited. We laid out his clothes last night, Willie gave him a father's blessing and we made cookies in honor of the big day approaching.  Wyatt (and Hank) are so excited about everything. Its' really cute. Wyatt practiced riding his bike with his backpack on yesterday and thought he had it mastered.

As we all left the house on our bikes Wyatt said, "I can't believe we are on our way to kindergarden, I feel so alive".  He had his first bike crash on the way to school, with a bit of road rash. Some tears were shed but then he got back on his bike and declared "up and away".  It sounds like it all lived up to his expectations. He likes his teacher, he got to see the music room and he had one boy in his class he already knew.  He did say recess was a little short.

I wasn't emotional because he was just so happy about it.  I was mostly scared to see him start spending time with kids I don't know. I'm afraid of what he'll learn from them.  I saw one little boy with a pierced ear!  Then I remembered that Wyatt is a leader, he'll teach so many good things to the other kids.  This little boy is growing up and he is so sweet.

Also, today was also great for him because he had his first chance to break a board in Karate.  He said it was "so easy".  He broke it into three pieces with his punch.


  1. sara said...
    I love Wyatt's passion for life. It's so infectious!

    His karate teacher isn't messing around. Sweet moves.
    ginger said...
    He is so handsome! I wonder how long he will be a towhead? Yay for kindergarten!
    Hilma Bellessa said...
    Wow..I love that kid so much. What a blessing he is to everyone.

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