I'm such a school mom rookie and having Wyatt in kindergarten has been all new.  Today was our first parent teacher conference and it was so great.  Wyatt's teacher is very pleased with him.  He listens well and pays attention, is smart and creative.   Wyatt missed the cut off for kindergarden last year by two weeks, so he's one of the oldest kids.  He scored the highest in his class on his kindergarden evaluation.  He read me a book at the conference and we looked through his drawings.  A personal favorite was two cyclopses and a man on a unicycle.  Wyatt is just so dear.  I'm so happy to see him enjoying school and doing well.


  1. Travis said...
    And he's so cute!
    Hilma Bellessa said...
    Wyatt is a joy to be around. He is sweet, kind, responsible and very smart. I'd give him an A+ as a grandchild. I love him so much.

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