We left Grand Junction after several hours of packing up with the kids asking when we were leaving every few minutes.  We had snacks, presents, banjo, fiddle, accordion and our two baby turtles. Hank promptly fell asleep after eating almost his whole snack bag.  

My mom's house is a Christmas wonderland. I really need twilight to get the best pictures, so stayed tuned for full documentation.  Below is the nativity from my childhood that was off limits for playing because it was made out of glass and expensive.  This year I bought another nativity set at Goodwill just so the kids could play with it since I have two others that I  don't let them play with.

After a delicious dinner, we read Luke 2 and reenacted with little figures.  We sang and lit the swedish angel chimes.  Poor hank burned his finger.

We stumbled into our library remodel.  Out of curiosity I called on a drywall quote for our water damaged ceiling in the library.  Once I found out it wasn't going to cost that much we decided to get it done before thanksgiving.  Once all he books were out of the room we started thinking about buying bookcases from Ikea but couldn't get the right combination to fill the wall right.  Then we decided that we (meaning Willie) would build our own.  

We had several things going for us that added to the success of this project.

1. Willie is a genius
2. We spent $30 on plans for the bookcase
3. Our generous neighbors let us borrow a table saw and mitering saw.
4.  Willie's love of books helped him keep up his project intensity.

Here are some pictures that recount the project story.  Like usual, it took way longer and cost more than we planned, but we really like it.  The rest of the room needs a finished paint job and canned lighting before it's all finished.  We also picture a framed butterfly and possibly a stuffed armadillo to complete the look. 

Willie is not only a respected man of letters but has morphed into a total handy man.  There won't be talk of any projects for at least the winter while we save money and built up our project intensity reserve.  It's time for the return of lazy weekends complete with hikes, watching movies and playing music.


I was kind of stressing out about all the things I need to do tonight when Willie reminded me that Sunday is a day of rest and to worry tomorrow.  That was just what I needed to hear. I had great evening working on my granny square blanket and blogging a bit.

We are almost to the end of the library bookcase project.  This one has been extra hard because it came right after the roof, so we didn't start with full project enthusiasm and it's right in the middle of the house so there have been tools and such all over in the house for quite some time.  We are really close to finishing.  Willie has been amazingly handy on this project and worked so hard.  There will be a full post documenting the project. I've taken pictures all along the way.  Anyway, this is just to say that the whole thing has been throwing off my chi but it will be well worth it.  There is light at the end of the tunnel and I foresee the return of saturday hikes and saving money.

Our tree is up and the boys are talking about christmas lists and I've been playing Christmas songs on the piano.  Now we just need a little bit of snow.  I found our gingerbread house half eaten with a little nativity tucked in it.  Wyatt was joking about the gingerbread house being destroyed and the gingerbread people wouldn't have a place to live, there wasn't even a gingerbread homeless shelter.

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