Christmas Eve 2010

We left Grand Junction after several hours of packing up with the kids asking when we were leaving every few minutes.  We had snacks, presents, banjo, fiddle, accordion and our two baby turtles. Hank promptly fell asleep after eating almost his whole snack bag.  

My mom's house is a Christmas wonderland. I really need twilight to get the best pictures, so stayed tuned for full documentation.  Below is the nativity from my childhood that was off limits for playing because it was made out of glass and expensive.  This year I bought another nativity set at Goodwill just so the kids could play with it since I have two others that I  don't let them play with.

After a delicious dinner, we read Luke 2 and reenacted with little figures.  We sang and lit the swedish angel chimes.  Poor hank burned his finger.


  1. Travis said...
    Love the recap!
    ellabella said...
    beutiful photos. looks like a lovely evening.
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