Hank has shown some real promise in the dressing up category.  My mom has a lot of dress up clothes and Hank fell in love with a Turkish outfit with coins on it.  He wore it the whole weekend we were there.  He loved how he jingled everywhere he walked and he is also very fond of the color pink.

So I decided to make him a cape for Christmas with jingles on it and I thought making it in blue would be a little more masculine.  Well the jingly cape has now turned into a jingly dress. I just had to take a few pictures of him in it.  It is so sweet.  That is what I would have worn when I was a kid.  He's really getting into crazy outfits lately and I love it.

Here is the original jingly outfit at Grandma's house.

Jingly cape turned dress. 

 This is what he got dressed in the other day: soft church shirt, underwear and snow boots.

 Here are a few of my famous outfits as a kid.  Sorry about the picture quality.  These are iphone pictures of color copies. 

(dawn on New Years day in Midway, Utah)

I love New Years.  I like having a reset time where I can think about my life. I love Willie's tradition of a hike at sunrise on New Years.  Once we had a bonfire where we burned pieces of paper with things from the past year we were leaving behind. I've never been one to take new year's resolutions too seriously, but I have had a few self improvement victories.  One year I finally memorized my bank account number.  I've still got it memorized.  I've been able to keep up daily (except sunday) exercise for over three years now.  On my mission I finally became a full time, thorough flosser.  Now even if I forget floss while camping, I use a firm piece of grass stalk to get the job done.

This year my focus is on simplifying my life and putting the most important things first.  Elder Uchtdorf's (an LDS apostle) recent talk on "Of Things That Matter Most" really struck me.  I want to spend my time doing the things that make me happiest like being connected to God, spending time with my adorable family, getting involved with my community, creating beauty through art.

The other day I was watching the Today Show while i was running at the gym. It's horrible that the family channel changed their schedule around and replaced Gilmore Girls with Full House from 9-10am.  I really miss everyone in Stars Hallow.  So that's how I ended up on the Today Show.  Some kind of goal expert  said that writing your goals down was very powerful in making them a reality.  So here I am, making these desires real.  

Spiritual nutrition: As alone time becomes more and more scarce for me, this becomes increasingly important.  I take so much care for what I feed my body, protein shake within minutes after i left weights, only whole grains, staying hydrated, etc.  I need to spend more time feeding my spirit.  More of the word of God, more prayer, more time pondering, a little less Gossip Girl and E! News.  You get the picture. 

My home: I have such a hard time keeping my house clean consistently, but I love having it clean and I'm embarrassed when people come over and it's messy. There are several factors that contribute.  Two little kids take their toll, plus I have too much clutter, making it a lot harder to have everything in it's place and my days are so busy.  It's all about a daily routine and de-cluttering our house.  I know how to do it, I just have to make it happen a little at a time, every day.

Quality time with family:  Willie, Wyatt and Hank make me so happy. So happy I can't even explain how I feel.  I want to spend more quality time with them.  I feel like my life is passing so fast and I want to enjoy our life together, every day.  This means playing and snuggling with the kids more and working less.  I think this is the year I need some childcare for my work.  It's official, I'm a working mom.  I need a few hours set aside for work (studioCase and photography) so that my work has boundaries.  I want to hike more, teach my kids more, play more music with Willie, relax together more.  I guess this is a good place to mention, less home improvement projects. 

Creativity: What makes me thrive as an individual is creating.  It used to be through reading and writing now it's mainly through photography but there are other things that energize me like quilting, gardening, guitar string nests, stained glass, and the list goes on.  Photography has been such a powerful thing in my life these past few years that I really want to continue to find where it fits in my life.  I need to channel it and find my voice as an artist.

Simplify: To quote Elder Uchtdorf, "If life and its rushed pace and many stresses have made it difficult for you to feel like rejoicing, then perhaps now is a good time to refocus on what matters most."  I want remember what is most important, what is lasting and what is real.  

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