Moab Half

Willie and I had a great time at the Moab half.  We trained well so we really enjoyed ourselves.  We kept saying how great we felt until about mile 9 then we would say things like, "my knee is a little achy but I still feel awesome."  Then when we hit mile 11 it was time to reach inside.  Mile 11 to 12 was the longest mile of my life.  Then when we started on our last mile I had a burst of energy knowing we were  so close. When we saw the finish line we ran fast to just get it to over with.

The weather was great. It was windy but warm.  Luckily I had been trained well last year by Betsy and Stephen to not be eager to get up the canyon.  Willie and I took one of the last buses up the canyon and we still waited around for an hr before the race started.  I had my diana mini camera with me and shot a few pics.  You never know what you are going to get with this camera, if anything at all. It's kind of fun.  So here are a few pictures from our time waiting for the race to start.  The first picture was taken with my 5D from the car on our way into Moab from Green River.  It was such a pretty blue outside as dawn was starting.

The kids had a blast staying the night in a hotel and spending time with Grandpa and Oma.  They couldn't stop talking about the fruit loops from the continental breakfast.  They got to go to arches and just loved spending time with their grandparents.  I'm really glad my dad and Jewel came out so the kids could be a part of the whole event. Like I said last year, I hope I do this race every year for the rest of my life. I love it.


  1. David said...
    Very cool photos. Nice that everyone had such a good time. (MOM)
    Jewel Stratford said...
    It was such a great experience. We are so proud of your determination and we were glad to be there with the boys. They were so cute standing at the finish line cheering everyone on with Grandpa.
    Kaymie said...
    SO jealous. Congrats on finishing it twice. I hope to run it next year with you! I was bummed to miss it...thought about you all day. So great that you and Willie did it together. Good job Willie.

    Next year.

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