Saturday Trail Run

Willie and I had a great run last Saturday. I ran with my diana mini and it was the perfect running camera.  She's actually having some issues.  As you'll see from the pictures, it was unpredictable.  I also think something is broken because the film is not advancing right, making it impossible to get a single square image.  Anyway, I'm digressing.  The run was great.  It was warmish and sunny and there was still dew on the ground and not  soul in sight.

I think trail running may be our new thing now that the half is behind us.  It's great to have the hills and you can't beat the scenery. One possible future hitch is that we have three babysitters (sisters) that are moving in a few months.


  1. Steph said...
    I've read the dianas can be temperamental, but I love the look of the pictures they take - even the messed up ones. Are they a new fad, or did they never fall out of style?
    Ginger said...
    sara said...
    Is Willie running in khaki shorts? Excellent! I'm all for keeping trail runs business casual.

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