Mother's Day

Today I've been thinking a lot about when I was pregnant with my boys.  I was looking through old pictures and found one I kind of like. I wish I had a great photographer get a few shots of me while pregnant.  I'm not one for a naked belly with gauze etc. I wish I had a simple black and white photo of me somewhere in our home, pregnant (and fully clothed).  Something classic, timeless.

Willie and I are in the process of talking about having another baby. I'm not sure what will be in store for our family.  Willie uncertain future at his law firm is a big factor for him.  When looking at old pregnancy pictures I found one of me the week before Hank was born.  That was not a good thing to look at. Then I see baby pictures of Hank and Wyatt and think about how wonderful another baby with fuzzy white hair would be.

I've always wanted to be a mom.  My family makes me so happy.  Today I've been thinking that I want to be more of a fun mom.  I can be kind of strict but I want to let things go more often, let the kids eat out more, surprise them with doughnuts sometimes and play more. I might even allow a few name brand purchases instead of generic. Willie is so good at this.

I'm so thankful I have a wonderful mother who loves my kids and supports me in everything I do.  I'm also so thankful for a great step mother and mother-in-law.


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