I really like the people I work out with.  It's fun how you can go from being total strangers to the best of friends after working out so hard together on a regular basis. Over a  year ago, my friend Crystal Murphy thought she threw her hip out. Crystal is the woman in the right of this  picture holding her weight in the air.  After trying to let her hip heal and seeing massage therapists and really babying it, it didn't get better but got worse.  It became a bit of a mystery.

Finally Crystal went to the doctor and got an MRI.  They found that she had a malignant tumor in her back that was pressing against a nerve, making her hip and leg hurt.  Crystal was diagnosed with lymphoma.  It was such a shock.  She immediately dropped everything and started treatment.  She was healthy, young, had two kids and no history of cancer in her family. Crystal had to go through several rounds of chemo and it worked.  She is finally in remission.  She has started to come back to the gym to get her strength back, her hair is growing back, and she's going to be okay.

Crystal asked Willie and I walk with her Team at the Fruita relay for life.  We are going to walk for two hours and we hope to raise $200 to donate to cancer research.  Crystal's husband's employer will match our donation.  

Cancer seems to affect every family in some way.  My uncle died of brain cancer.  My aunt died of melanoma.  I have no idea who else it will affect in my life. It could have easily been me with the tumor instead of Crystal.  

I have been a part of the relay for life the last couple of years with church service projects and I can tell you it is a great event.  If you can, please donate a little to this cause.  Below is a link to our official relay for life page.  You can also donate via paypal by sending a donation to willie_deford@yahoo.com.  Pass this along to anyone you think my be interested. Thanks!


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