Yesterday was our stake temple day and it had become a family favorite.  They provide fun activities for the kids while we are in the temple and our ward is there together.  We did have one challenge (what I was referring to at the time as a sore trial) in that our car A/C wasn't working.  Traveling through the Utah desert on a near 100 degree day was hard.  We stopped in Moab and got a water bottle and some bandanas to tie around our necks.  Once we were off the freeway we had the windows open and the water spraying. When we arrived my hair was a rats nest and the kids hair all salty from sweat, but we made it.

After the temple we camped at a campground on a mountain behind the temple. Some friends from church reserved a spot for us.  We went out to eat at a ranch style restaurant that was delicious then went up to camp. It was so beautiful.  There were mature aspen making all kinds of shade, some evergreens and gamble oak.  We saw several baby deers that were so adorable.  We set up camp and made smores with our friends to the right of us.  We also had friends from church camping on the left.  I was totally exhausted from one of the hardest workouts ever that morning so I went to bed with the kids around 10pm.  Willie stayed up playing music with friends and reading by the fire and star gazing.  I took some pictures with film but the wait is long for scans so here are some iphone and polaroid picture.  My polaroid film is hanging on for dear life.  It's time has passed i a major way. I'm hoping to get a fuji instax camera, the new polaroid, but all in due time.  We are frugal again which means I can't up and buy things like I used to.

Father's Day is a major celebration at our house.  For one, cake is involved but most importantly Willie is so beloved by us.  I love this picture because it shows how much the boys love him.  They always want to be sitting right next to him or on him.  They love playing with him, going to his office, throwing rocks in the river, reading with him and eating ice cream on the front steps.  They scream with joy and run to him when he comes in the door after work.

I love that Willie has always been an equal partner with me in parenting our kids.  Sometimes I witness dads that I refer to as "old school", and act like the kids are mostly the mom's responsibility. This is the most foreign thing to me. I don't know any different than a dad that is completely involved and loves spending time with our kids.  For this I am so thankful.

Yesterday Willie spent the day at the Telluride Blue Grass festival and we missed him awful but I was glad he could go out on an adventure by himself.  I feel like I'm always off on some fun trip and I know it's hard that he can't miss much work.  This morning I was lying in bed after getting the boys cereal and I heard the screams of joy when Willie came in the door from Telluride. I can speak for all of us when I say we love Willie and he is the greatest dad.

I only have a few images to show from the 4th year hike so far, but here they are. I brought 4 cameras and shot 5 rolls of film. I even tried to do an hour long exposure for stars but it turned out to be more like a half an hour since I was getting so tired. I had a few frames of black and white left in my holga when we started.  A local lab developed these. Though I think the color images will be great, I'm really liking these black and white ones too.  In case you missed the memo, ever since Santa Fe, I've started a love affair with film. It's scary, exciting, intense and ridiculously expensive.  I'm learning so much.

So, back to the hike. This year I felt a little unprepared and was dragging my feet a little bit but as soon as we got to our camp site I felt like I had come to a place i love.  It is so stunning up there.  The girls were great.  We had a few complaints but less than last year.  It wasn't' as hot and no one got lost this year.  This is great news. I had a wonderful time.  I am so impressed with the girls in our stake.  They want to be good.  They love their families.  They have faith. It's just nice to be around so many good girls, 23 to be exact.  The greatest feeling is getting back to camp and having all the rest of the young women from the stake cheer for us.  Then we get to take a shower (I love being a leader) and I was able to call home.  I was so dirty.

Then first night I had a sleepless night and I'm not sure why. I  had some shot blocks with caffeine around noon but I don't think that would keep me up.  I kept thinking about bears too.  I slept better the second night but it was colder so I was all the way in my mummy bag.  This, I think, was what lead to what I think was two panic attacks during the night.  I woke up Betsy during the first one.  I just remember feeling with urgency that I needed to open the tent door to get some air and if I didn't get it open I was going to freak out.  I was having a hard time with the zippers and woke up Betsy to help me.  My heart was racing.  I was breathing fast and had adrenaline running through my body. Later that night it happened again. Luckily I was able to get the tent door open by myself and didn't wake up Betsy, but my  heart was beating so fast.  It was a horrible feeling.  The only other time in my life I felt something similar was right after Willie and I got married I went down an enclosed waterslide and felt, with urgency, that i was going to freak out right before I shot out the bottom.  This was my first clue that I might be claustrophobic.

As usual our priesthood leaders, Sherm and Brandon Straw, were a joy to be around and so helpful.  Besides being protection they are also really fun to hike with.  They are both great outdoorsman and Sherm is a doctor.  They are so helpful.  They also had some frozen capri suns that they gave Betsy and me.  What gentleman.  I really like having them along.  The girls did too, since Brandon is young and very handsome.  It kept some of our girls at a quick pace to keep up in the front by him.  That's what I would have done as a young woman. I was so boy crazy.  Funny.  I'll share more pictures when I get them back.  I'm only 3 days into a two week wait to get my scans back so I'm trying to forget about it so the time goes faster.

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