Father's Day 2011

Father's Day is a major celebration at our house.  For one, cake is involved but most importantly Willie is so beloved by us.  I love this picture because it shows how much the boys love him.  They always want to be sitting right next to him or on him.  They love playing with him, going to his office, throwing rocks in the river, reading with him and eating ice cream on the front steps.  They scream with joy and run to him when he comes in the door after work.

I love that Willie has always been an equal partner with me in parenting our kids.  Sometimes I witness dads that I refer to as "old school", and act like the kids are mostly the mom's responsibility. This is the most foreign thing to me. I don't know any different than a dad that is completely involved and loves spending time with our kids.  For this I am so thankful.

Yesterday Willie spent the day at the Telluride Blue Grass festival and we missed him awful but I was glad he could go out on an adventure by himself.  I feel like I'm always off on some fun trip and I know it's hard that he can't miss much work.  This morning I was lying in bed after getting the boys cereal and I heard the screams of joy when Willie came in the door from Telluride. I can speak for all of us when I say we love Willie and he is the greatest dad.


  1. Business Networking Tips said...
    Beautifully written. You are so special to us.
    Hilma Bellessa said...
    I can certainly sff my witness of how beloved Willie is and how happy his boys are to be with him.

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