Yesterday was our stake temple day and it had become a family favorite.  They provide fun activities for the kids while we are in the temple and our ward is there together.  We did have one challenge (what I was referring to at the time as a sore trial) in that our car A/C wasn't working.  Traveling through the Utah desert on a near 100 degree day was hard.  We stopped in Moab and got a water bottle and some bandanas to tie around our necks.  Once we were off the freeway we had the windows open and the water spraying. When we arrived my hair was a rats nest and the kids hair all salty from sweat, but we made it.

After the temple we camped at a campground on a mountain behind the temple. Some friends from church reserved a spot for us.  We went out to eat at a ranch style restaurant that was delicious then went up to camp. It was so beautiful.  There were mature aspen making all kinds of shade, some evergreens and gamble oak.  We saw several baby deers that were so adorable.  We set up camp and made smores with our friends to the right of us.  We also had friends from church camping on the left.  I was totally exhausted from one of the hardest workouts ever that morning so I went to bed with the kids around 10pm.  Willie stayed up playing music with friends and reading by the fire and star gazing.  I took some pictures with film but the wait is long for scans so here are some iphone and polaroid picture.  My polaroid film is hanging on for dear life.  It's time has passed i a major way. I'm hoping to get a fuji instax camera, the new polaroid, but all in due time.  We are frugal again which means I can't up and buy things like I used to.

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  1. Hilma Bellessa said...
    It sounds like such a fun week-end. Thanks for the photos.

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