4th of July 2011

I put some pictures of our 4th of July up on my photography blog.  It was a fun holiday.  I just love having little kids that are so excited about everything. They were hyper all day about the fireworks we bought.  The whole experience lived up to their expectations and I'm sure they'll be even more excited next year.  I'm having a hard time finding a good place between practice, practice, practice on my film cameras and frugality.  I'm going to try and develop and scan and print my own black and white.  For these rolls I paid to get them developed since I'm missing a few items for developing but hopefully after tomorrow I can start printing in my darkroom.


So I just looked back through some old pictures to our first 4th of July trip to the Mesa and found some cute pictures.  That year it was also really hot in Grand Junction and we had amazing thunderstorms up on the mesa.  We waited out a few in the car and everything was all wet and green.  I can't believe Wyatt was our only child then.   I can't believe how fast my life is passing.  Wyatt and Hank are growing so fast. I want to creep into their rooms and snuggle up with them right now.


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