The Ranch 2011

Our friends Jared and Melissa are caretakers at the X Lazy F Ranch up on the Black Mesa and we love going up to visit.  Last year a group of friends got together for the 4th of July and I think it started a tradition.  We got together again this year with about twice the amount of people, a PA system for playing music and a roasted pig.  Who knows what next year will bring.

No back county adventure would be complete without a getting lost/prayer story.  Wyatt and Willie took the four wheeler out today and after they were gone for an hour I started to get worried.  I thought they were just going for a little outing.  Then another hour passed and we said if they didn't get back in half an hr we'd start sending people out to look for them. I was afraid they were either lost or ran out of gas.  Well it ended up being both.  They took a wrong turn which is easy since there are so many jeep trails and dirt roads.  After Willie realized they were lost, he and wyatt both said a prayer and they started to try and find their way back.  He said they started seeing things they recognized and that helped them find their way back to them main road.  Luckily they ran out of gas after they got back to the main dirt road so they knew what direction to walk back to the ranch. I was worried since it was hot and they didn't have water or food.  Willie got a little sunburned but after a good lunch they were just fine.

We had a roasted pig who had been under ground getting cooked for a over a day but it still didn't get cooked enough so they just stoked up the pit and roasted him the rest of the way over the open flames.  There was lot of music, fireworks, kids, dogs, jeep rides, picture taking, and socializing. It was great.  We also had a mini DeFord church service and with the Bishop's permission we had the sacrament and sang some songs in the shade.  It was so fun. Here are so  iphone pictures. I took a lot of pictures on film, so you'll see them eventually. I also put some digital ones up on Facebook.


  1. Steph said...
    Hank is such a total stud.
    starr said...
    So jealous! What a fun party. Do they take outsiders? I want in next year!

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