Post Utah Blues

I just got back from a trip to Utah that I really enjoyed.  I'm so glad to be back home but sometimes I get a bit of the blues.  Also, the reason I'm blogging about this is because I want to blog more and facebook less.  I'm a facebook junkie.  I love it. I hate it.  It's my favorite way to waste time.  It's just so fleeting and pointless.  I think the facebook golden era has passed.  In defense of facebook, i've also learned a lot about film photography from a few great facebook groups I'm in.  I just think writing down my life in paragraphs instead of status updates is more fulfilling.  It lasts.  I have two years of blog books to get printed (must budget it in) and hopefully will make one for every year.

Back to the blues.  I feel kind of lonely when I get back. It doesn't help that Willie is in New Mexico for work right now but not having constant adult, stimulating conversation makes things seem so quiet.  I really like being around family and friends.  We laugh so much.  We have deep talks.  I just don't have that enough in my regular life.

I miss having cake and icecream almost every night. It's hard to get back into a no sugar lifestyle.

A week left me so behind on work.  I don't see the end of the tunnel yet.

I miss Midway's climate plus Amy and Brian's AC.  It's hot here and our cooler doesn't help much.

Okay, this one is big.  When I spend time in my sister's condo and my brother's beautiful new house and my mom's great house with her yard and all her views, I want more.  The only way I can explain it is that I feel a wave of materialism.  I am dissatisfied with my house.  I want to remodel.  I want better lighting, more windows, nice tile instead of cracked fake brick linoleum.  You get the picture.  So the way I deal with this is to come home and clean and de-clutter my house as well as I can and let a few weeks pass.  That usually does the trick. I actually really like our house and it just keeps getting better. It just could be improved, endlessly and all with money we need to save.

So right now I am cleaning up my desk in hopes that I can talk myself out of getting a whole new desk setup at Ikea next month.  I'm working on the chi of my desk. I think clean and organized will help a lot.  I'm not even going to take a picture of my desk because it's so uninviting.  Let me paint a picture with words.  My desk is the size of a long folding table, it actually is a long folding table, and it has my beloved cinema display screen, a scanner, mouse and keyboard, two external hard drives and piles and piles of negatives, prints, disks and studioCase papers.  Stay tuned for a picture of it under control.

Want to see pictures of the lovely places I was just visiting?  I'll do a full post on Calder's place.  I also got great coverage of my mom's place on film.  So we must wait.

Here are two from Calder and Starr's house.  All the windows and the excellent lighting and clean layout is so great.

The condo is a beautiful place.  Everything is new and top of the line in quality.  The linens are soft and of the highest thread count.  Evening walks on the golf course are the highlight of the day.  I find myself a little annoyed that golfers are on the golf course durning the day. I just wish it was our park.  At night you can hear the sound of the stream through the windows.

Riding in Grandma's car with the top down.

Cute Stella after a bath with her cousins.  She's such a talker.


  1. starr said...
    come baaaacccckkkkkk......
    Hilma Bellessa said...
    I agree. We so look forward to your visits. You have a darling home that you've made your very own. I remember when you were waiting and hoping it would be yours. Such luck to get into such a fun neighborhood with good friends...I hope someday you'll be my neighbor. MOM
    Alexandria Note said...
    This was nice. We totally miss you. I don't think you should compare houses. Yours is all cute and artsy. Ours only has two pictures on the wall. I wish you could come back. It's quiet here without you.

    Wendy said...
    Loved your thoughts!! I struggle with some of the same things. There is always room for improvement but in the right season.There seems to be a sense of entitlement our generation struggles with, (me included) somehow we think we should have everything our parents worked their whole lives scrimping and saving for, and we should have it now. Cleaning, de-cluttering and organizing are great ways to help fight it I think.

    I agree with your thoughts of facebook to. I have print and am working on year two. There are so many things I'm glad I recorded because I would have forgotten them by now.
    Wendy said...
    I have printed the first year of our blog and am working on year to.
    sara said...
    I always have the blues when I come back from family visits. I wish so badly we could all live by each other and hang out more. I'm dying over Starr and Calder's place! I knew it would be gorgeous but COME ON!

    Let's just all sell our houses and move to Midway. We can all fit in the condo, no problem.
    Steph said...
    A little late to the party here...

    I hear ya, sister. The house envy, missing the late-into-the-night talks, everything but the weather (Colorado was always nicer than anywhere we visited). I also realized a while back that I was putting way too many memories on FB instead of something more permanent. Thus, my blog was reborn.

    Anyhow, just want to commiserate. And tell you that I have total house envy every time I see yours. :P

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