Wyatt started his first day of school.  He has been excited for a long time.  His teacher is one of our friends.  Her name is Mrs. Tinkle and I took the pictures at her wedding.  Hank and I really miss Wyatt during the day.  School starts at 8:45 and he's gone until 3:45. Hank starts asking about picking him up around 1pm so it's a long wait.  Our neighbor's Liam and Ezra go to preschool a few afternoons which is also hard for Hank.  Hank starts preschool next week.  Isn't Wyatt the cutest?  On the third day of school he lost his first tooth.  He got to go to the school nurse and she gave him a little treasure box to keep the tooth in. I love how Wyatt is so excited about everything.  He's really looking forward to his birthday party.


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