Last Friday when we were in Utah the boys had their first sleep over at Grandma's house.  My mom took the boys so Willie and I could go to the Rooftop Concert Series in Provo. It's a great outdoor concert put on by our friend Justin Hackworth and some of his local friends.  It was so fun spending the night with friends and good music and staying up late.  The sleep over was harder for me than them. I worried that Hank would be up in the night and miss me and I was worried that they would be cold.  I'm kind of a worrier.  So I got up first thing in the morning thinking they would be up wondering where I am.  Well they were both still asleep and they had a great time.  Hank got to sleep in a pretty princess bed.  I love my boys and miss them when we are apart, but they were just thrilled to spend the night at grandma's.


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