We recently found out that our good friends are getting a divorce. It's affected me on a lot of levels.  It's depressing.  It has also made me so thankful for my and Willie's marriage.  I'm really happy that we have each other. I don't have any recent pictures of us together, so I took a few with my iphone.  I think we may need to head over to Justin Hackworth's studio to get some of us.  Most of the ones I have are from our wedding and engagement and I love them because I was so foxy in my younger days, but I wanted something that shows us now. I think about how much better we know each other now after so many years of life together.  I'm planning on many more.


  1. Anabel said...
    My husband and I have recently had the same experience. Our best friends in town are on the rocks, and depending on the day they are headed for divorce. It's been rough for David and I... and we talk about it a lot. We're both pretty freaked about it. But, it's also made us that much more aware of the quality of our communication and our friendship... and we are both truly grateful. Thank you for this post.
    Kate said...
    It makes me happy when people don't take for granted what they have :) You two are great for each other. I often think of you as an example of what I hope to have someday.

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