DeFord Christmas Card Take 1
After putting this card together I realized it was a little too serious for our style.  This was just before church a few Sunday's ago and this is what we look like about 3.5 hrs a week, tops.

So I went back to the drawing board and the card below is what we look like the rest of the time.  I even added our house and a little desert landscape to round it out. Yes, Hank would totally wear the outfit below to church if I would let him.

DeFord Christmas Card Take 2
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I have come to terms with the fact that I will never be a successful Christmas card sender.  I have about 60 pictures of our family from a few years ago when I went as far as printing the pictures but dropped the ball after that.  So the electronic Christmas card will have to do for now until I get a personal assistant.  I think the Christmas card tradition is so great and I love getting cards.  This year I've vowed to send cards back to everyone that has sent one so I don't get cut off of anyone's lists.  So let's get down the business.  


I would coin 2011 as the year of the electric guitar renaissance for Willie.  He's back baby.  After many years only playing acoustic instruments he bought the electric guitar of his dreams and has since formed a band called Lowlands. They are on the fast track to fame.  The band just made their first demo, check it out here. 

Willie is still with the same law firm that brought us to Grand Junction and is enjoying his civil litigation work.  We are hoping that he will become partner at this firm and that decision will be made in this upcoming year (our fingers are crossed).  

Willie and I ran the Moab half marathon this year and are going to run it again in March.  

Willie's insatiable appetite for reading is still alive and well, and he built the most beautiful built-in bookcase in our library to house his great collection.  This year Willie and I were both published in an anthology of Mormon poets called Fire in the Pasture.  It's fun to think that a small poetry group is where we first got to know each other in college.


For the most part, I do a lot of laundry, picking up around the house, making lunches, and snuggling with my boys, but I also have a lot of out of the ordinary things going on.  I started off this year with a bang by going to a week long photography workshop in Santa Fe.  It was such a great experience.  The workshop changed everything for me (photographically speaking).  If you are interested in details you can read about it on my photography blog.  Here is my new website. My life is still consumed with photography and I have developed a deep love of film this year and have acquired some great film cameras.  I even set up a dark room in our basement.

I'm still working as the finance manager for studioCase and enjoy how flexible my job is and, strangely enough, enjoy crunching numbers. I had a wonderful trip to New York on business in Oct. then went back about a month later as a freelance photographer for studioCase on one of their jobs. It was the real deal and such a great experience.  

I'm still loving working out with a trainer 3 times a week and feel the strongest and fittest I ever have.  

My calling at church has been the ward community service coordinator and we have had a year of great service together.  We did a habitat for humanity construction project, a food drive for the local soup kitchen, and adopted 8 families through the salvation army this Christmas.  I'm always overwhelmed by how generous and giving the people in our ward are.  


Wyatt started 1st grade this year and is quite the scholar. He has taken off as a reader and loves books.  He reads 20 minutes every night and is reading close to a 5th grade reading level.  He loves his teacher, Mrs. Tinkle, who is a friend of ours, and has made good friends in his class.  Wyatt is quite the gymnast and goes to gymnastics once a week where he does all kind of daring feats and gets a great workout.  Wyatt is obedient and helpful.  He loves playing with our neighbors.  I just asked him what he loves to do and he said play on the computer and watch TV.  So he's still a normal little boy. It's not all books for him.  He also has a little electric guitar that he like to plug into Willie's amp and make cool noises with a slide.


Hank is full of energy and loves to dress up.  Right now his favorite outfits are his superman costume, a suit with a police badge (secret agent), or his suit with a ball cap (security guard), a darth vader costume and his snow pants. I had to hide his snow pants when it was really hot because he still wanted to wear them as "worker pants". I was afraid he'd get heat stroke.  Hank started pre-school this year and loves it.  He has made friends and loves the art projects and the playing and being read to. The teachers are totally supportive of the crazy outfits he wears and tell me they can't wait to see what he's wearing when he shows up.  Hank is short for his age (1st percentile) but has excellent verbal skills so people always thing he's some kind of baby genius.  He is snuggly, affectionate and imaginative. He's just getting into writing his name and recognizing letters and counting.  He wrote his name in marker on the wood floor but I got most of it out and had a hard time chastising him because it was so cute.  Hank is also in gymnastics and the best in his class.  When I just asked him what his favorite thing to do is, he said opening presents.

In general, life is wonderful.  If i have any complaints it's that we are a little too busy and don't live close enough to our families. Our house is full of laughter and little feet running around and excitement.  There is also a lot of lava spraying, wrestling and jail play.  There are neighbor kids coming in and out and friends stopping by.  Willie and I still love playing music together and practice on the back porch with the 17th St. Band.  We love being involved at church and spending time in the great wilderness where we live.  If you read all the way to the end of this, you are indeed a good friend or are totally bored at work.  Either way, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


The DeFords

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