Native American Medicine Wheel (to be discussed later)

First, I must do a quick review of my last year's goals to see if I had any success.  I would say I did.

One success didn't have anything to do with me, but since Hank started pre-school I have some set office hours at my house and that has helped me keep my work in it's place.

Another success that helped me work less and helped me creatively was to stop building a business as a photographer.  I don't do any weddings anymore and only take an occasional photography job.  This has helped me balance my life better since I didn't have room in my life to take on another job.  This has also helped me creatively to shoot for myself and not to please paying clients.

I hired house cleaners.  Why I did not do this earlier, I don't know.  Every two weeks I have cleaners come for two hours and totally restore our house to pristine beauty.  This helps me because I have to completely put everything away before they come and I try so hard to hold onto the clean house they helped me get.  By the time crazy life takes over and things feel helpless again, they come back.  Our house has never been so clean.

The Cycle of Life/ Medicine Wheel

This image always comes to my mind when I  think about goals.  Almost all my Native American Literature books have something like this sketched in it.  My teacher always talked to us about connectedness. I had this written in a book with these categories listed along with some imagery.  Her point was that when we heal one section of this wheel it heals the whole.  Also, when we are lacking in one section if affects the whole.  This year I feel like I need a better connection to the land around me.  I need more time outside, especially in the mountains.  Lucky for me, Willie feels the same, so hopefully we'll make it happen.

community | cattle (family, tribe, ward, neighborhood)
mystical | stars  (sky, Gods, religion, spirituality)
environment | mountains (animals, land, home)
self | woman (potential, creativity, talents, art)

This year I have a lot of the same desires as last year.  Mostly, to take time for the simple pleasures of life and not get too busy.  I want to put what's most important first.  Be better spiritually fed. My approach to this year's goals is to make an inspiration board with imagery and some text to put by my desk to remind me of what I want to do more of.

spend more time outdoors (camping, hiking, alpine get-away, hot springs)
play more music
practice my instruments more
shoot more film
print more images
save more money
have more meaningful fasts
more snuggling, playing and teaching with the kids
more dates with Willie
more flowers to cut in my garden

teeny bopper tv
clutter in our home

Give blood (I am a mom of a baby that had two blood transfusions, I have to give more blood)
learn CPR
Finish my Obama quilt

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