We've had a great few days full of useful information.  These are some of the things we have talked about in length: framing, matting, packaging, printing, artist's statements, statements of work, submitting work to contests and galleries.  We visited two photography galleries and talked with the curators.  We also visited a photography book store.  We have looked at work from numerous current photographers and talked about different genres of fine art photography.  

I ran this morning but besides that I've been eating lots of delicious, rich food and sitting in a classroom. It's surprising how tired that can make you feel.

We have had very little time to shoot and when we have it's been snowing.  So here are a few pictures below.

I'm totally enjoying myself.  Aline is such a great teacher.  My class if full of creative and talented photographers.  I miss Willie and the boys, a lot, and am so thankful for all my friends that have been helping Willie out with childcare.  We have some major thank you cards to write.  We also talked about making thank you cards with your images on it.  This may be the perfect opportunity for me to get some printed.

Here is my desk in my room.  It looks out over a flat roof.

When talking about different genres of fine art photography, we talked about typologies.  I made one of all the cameras I brought.  Learning the different genres helps gives me a lot of ideas.

I went out in the snow and took some pictures after class today. Even though we live in the desert, I'm never actually in the desert (on purpose) when it's snowing.  It was so beautiful to see the snow on all the desert plants.  This is right behind the building I'm staying in.

I got on the road yesterday at 9am and got off to a slow start when I locked my keys in the car at a gas station in Montrose.  After Geico sent someone to unlock the car I got on the road again and drove all day. I listened to the book Born to Run the whole way and stayed interested almost the whole time. I took several instant photos along the way and got into Santa Fe around 6 pm.  I got all settled into my room and felt a little bit lonely and homesick and nervous until I was able to talk to Willie, Wyatt and Hank.

Today has been great.  Aline, my teacher is amazing.  I love her work. She has a great sense of humor and is warm and smart.  Today we showed our first assignment and showed our prints.  Jeff, my printer, gets high marks for making a print that passed inspection.  Aline even uses the same paper that I had Jeff print on.  So far we've been covering what being a fine art photographer is all about. I think I have found where to channel my passion for photography.  WEddings and portraits and business were all wrong for me.  I've mentioned before that it really drained me creatively. There are so many similarities between fine art photography and poetry.

from my notes:

What makes your images fine art:

  • Photography that is done as a fine art -- that is, done to express the artist's perceptions and emotions and to share them with others.
  • A picture that is produced for sale or display rather than one that is produced in response to a commercial commision.
  • The production of images to fulfill the creaive vision of a photogarpher.
  • Historicly, has sometimes been applied to any photography whose intention is aesthetic, as distingushed from scientific, commerical, or journalistic.

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