This last trip to New York was great.  I went out for the same private school that I've shot for twice before.  I'm so glad they have been pleased with my work and asked me back.  This time I felt like I was leaving again too soon and was homesick the day I left but but once I started working, I felt better and ended up really enjoying myself.

This shoot was different from the last two.  The last two were what I would describe as 3 day long weddings -- on crack.  It was so much shooting and lugging of gear and the volume of images was intense.  This shoot included two to three staged scenarios a day where the creative director had an image in mind for an ad and we tried to get it.  They had chosen specific students to shoot in a specific setting.  This was great for me since I had the attention of the students whereas before I was trying to capture them doing their normal thing. So the pressure was more intense since I had to create an image to match the one in the mind of the creative director but the workload was lighter.  I was also nursing a bad cold last time.  Having my normal energy level and more daylight made for a better trip.

I really like the two women I spent time with on the shoot. One is a contracted creative director and in charge of the advertising campaign for the school and the other works at the school.  We had fun spending time together and one day ate at this great street down by wall street that is lined with restaurants and there are benches for eating all in the street.  I have a few pictures below.

As always I had a great time hanging out with Travis and Sara and their kids. I was able to join in on the Mother's Day celebration at their house which was very delicious. I also had my usual sleep habits of staying up at night on Colorado time but getting up in the morning on New York time.  By the time I had to go home, I was way under slept and slept the whole plane ride from New York to Salt Lake. I also enjoyed some relaxed eating habits and had a lunch of just frozen yogurt at the Salt Lake airport.

So far we have put out one of the ads and I had to do a lot of work on the one image.  I'm not sure what  is ahead as far as work load goes.  They paid me for 12 hrs of post processing work and I think we are about 8hrs after just one image.  I knew this image would be more complicated because it was a planned composite of two images.  There was a hired retoucher involved in the process.  After we successfully go the two images combined, they kept wanting to remove things from the image which takes a lot of time to make it look good.  I had to put in some serious photoshop time.

This whole experience has been really great.  I'm so glad Case connected me to this school and helped me get this chance to really stretch myself and learn a lot.  I took more personal pictures than usual on this  trip since I had some free time and wasn't so burnt out.  Here are some below.  They are a mixture of my iphone and my Diana. It was really only sunny one day and the Diana needs sun.   I was feeling really creative on this trip. It was wonderful!  Like usual, I was so happy to get home to my family and I'm so glad my mom came out to help take care of the kids. They have not stopped talking about their adventures and I keep finding drawers and cabinets that my mom organized for me while I was gone.

I also made a video with clips from my iphone.  Here is a link to it.

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    I accidentally found your blog and was completely captivated. I mention you here, Thanks for sharing all of the beautiful images!

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