I didn't get a chance to document my garden this week but Travis and Sara's garden is so gorgeous, I just had to do a photo walkthrough when I got back this evening.

This east coast is something else.  All the plants are different.  It's all rainy and humid.  I have so many memories of Michigan and Massachusetts just smelling the plants and feeling the humidity.  This garden is amazing. There are about 200 peonies ready to bloom. If I lived here I'd be cutting them and bringing them inside and taking pictures of them constantly.  I had a peony bush once but it didn't take. I know they can grow in Colorado so I might have to try again. If you haven't seen the inside of Travis and Sara's house, you can see it here.   I'm really taking a liking to Hotel Stratford.


  1. Suzanne Sanders said...
    So lovely Sally, it seems like I'm there :)
    sara said...
    And Hotel Stratford loves you! But wishes you could bring your boys with you sometime. I would love to spend the day playing dress up with hank while you work in the city.

    Such pretty pictures! I love the Japanese maple. It's my favorite. Hopefully the peonies will bloom before you leave!
    chloe's mom said...
    i love seeing life through sally's eyes. simply delish.

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