A Poem

I just had a poem published in a BYU studies journal. It was a fun surprise to get an email from them today.


  1. Ginger said...
    Wow, Sally! That is great!
    I love your poem, btw. Beautiful imagery, I feel like I am there at the river.
    SuzanneSanders said...
    Beautiful Sally~
    Kristin M said...
    Wow! Your amazing! I think your poem is better than the Joseph Smith one!

    Would you mind checking out my writing blog and tell me what you think in the comments box? You'll probably underesemate my writing abilities after reading my profile but I'd apretiate it if you read some of my posts befor dumping the site.

    Wendy said...
    You are one tough cookie! Hang in there it will all be worth it! SO excited for you and your darling little family.
    cat said...
    Second trimester will be a bright new day!

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