Ragged Mountain 2012

Girls camp was great this year.  This image is one that I took at dusk of Ragged Mountain.  After 4 years of photographing the same place, I realized that most of my imagery was very literal.  I wondered what an image would look like that felt like a memory.  This is what I came up with.  I feel like if I had a small print of this with a lot of white space around it, that every now and again, I'd walk by and get the feeling of ragged mountain.  We'll see how it prints. I also took several rolls of film, but as we all know, it will be weeks before I see my scans.  If you are interested in other pictures you can view my digital ones here.

Part of what made this trip different for me is that I knew it might be my last.  I was pretty sure I was pregnant on the trip, but had not had a positive pregnancy test so I had a little bit of doubt. I was happy for the hike because I was blowing through all our money on negative pregnancy tests.  Once I started on the trail with my backpack on, I was so out of breath. I felt out of shape, which I'm not, so I knew something was up.  The day after I got home I finally got a positive pregnancy test. I guess you could say this is an announcement of sorts, but I feel like no one really reads my blog and I'm happy to share the info with any of my friends.  I find it old school to wait until 12 weeks to announce a pregnancy, but I see the wisdom in it, especially after miscarrying my first pregnancy.  Still it's just not me. I think I wouldn't want to make a facebook announcement or anything because that means if there was a miscarriage, that would entail another awkward facebook announcement

Anyway, back to the hike.  Knowing that I hopefully wouldn't be back next year because I'd have a new baby, made me savor the whole experience more.  Like usual I was so impressed with the girls.  They are really smart and they want to do good with their lives.  They have plans for college.  They talk about helping other people. They braid each other's hair. They are respectful and funny and emotional. I love the leaders too.  Betsy is so great.  We don't get to spend much time together during the year, but I love spending so much time with her. She's really funny and we are good friends.  This year Megan came also and it was so great having her along.  I loved getting to know her.

As leaders, we stayed up even later than the girls talking.  Part of that is that I seem to have some kind of camping insomnia and can never sleep and want to talk.  We stayed up late laughing and talking about fun things like budgeting, health insurance, our families, how we met our husbands and of course, sharing our birth stories.

We also had along some great priesthood (mormon talk for men leaders) leaders that I loved talking with.  They all carry guns, which I find comforting and creepy at the same time.  I've had several offers to help address my gun fear issues. These are great men and all of us leaders have a strong love of the outdoors in common. The girls not so much.  It's funny to me that a good portion of the girls don't want to be out backpacking.  I love it.

I was emotional on this trip and at one point we were praying together as leaders back at camp and i was overcome with a feeling of gratitude and couldn't help but cry.  It's been a great experience for me.


  1. Ginger said...
    Sally! Congratulations! What wonderful news! I will keep you and your pregnancy in my prayers. I hope it goes well for you.
    So glad you had a wonderful experience at girls camp. I guess I'm the opposite of your young women... I always enjoyed it as a youth, although the thought of it now does not hold as much allure. :-)
    Kathy said...
    Melynne said...
    i totally follow your blog! such good news for you. lucky baby to get to join such fun brothers! hope you are feeling good.

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