3.5 months pregnant

I'm starting to feel better, finally. I am so, so thankful.  I feel like I'm starting to get back to normal.  I have good days and feel like I'm back then I have a bad day and am on the verge of throwing up and lying on my bed most of the day.  Then I have a few more good days.  So the trend is improvement.

Where to start.  I've gained about 7lbs so far, which is right on track with normal weight gain, though I feel like I'm about twice my size.  I cant' fit in my normal clothes but maternity clothes look kind of funny. Brave people are starting to ask me if I'm pregnant, especially at the gym. I am still not that interested in food. I have no interest in sweets which i'm sure won't last.  My favorite things to eat have been apricots, peaches and most recently lots of carrots dipped in ranch.  Willie has been so good about keeping meals going in our house and running to the store for more carrots and smoothly supplies. I don't know what I'd do without him.  He is there for my every need. When I found out I was pregnant I made about 9 casseroles and froze them.  Now I can't bear the smell of them cooking and have no interest in eating them so they have not been useful so far.

We had another ultrasound and the baby looks great.  I met with a specialist to look at the fibroid and it was not there.  He thinks the doctor that gave me my original ultrasound made a mistake. So that was a huge relief.  I'm now back to being a normal pregnant lady, though I'm still considered high risk because i'm over 35.  The ultrasound was great because the baby looked like a little baby. It was moving all around and we saw little hands and feet.  So exciting.

I turned down a huge commercial photography job that would have gone down mid September.  They couldn't have contacted me at a worse time. I was so, so sick and I couldn't really imagine feeling better. The thought of a 5 day straight shoot, away from home, hauling all my gear around did not seem doable.  I also was unsure if I would have any limitations because of the fibroid.  So now I'm kind of dreaming about what I would have done with the money.  I think I could have pulled it off but would have been so exhausted and would have used up my blessed 2nd trimester working and being stressed out.  I'm hoping to use the time with my family, hiking, taking pictures (for myself) and playing music. Those jobs are pretty intense and I've truly learned that it doesn't matter how much money we make, if I cant' be totally aware about our finances, it just seems to disappear.

As far as photography goes, I feel myself pulling out of my creative slump. It's slow and I still don't really feel like shooting.  I did load up my hasselblad with film the other day and it's sitting next to me on my desk.  I've felt myself having renewed interest in the last week or so and having ideas and dreaming about a new lens or drywalling our garage for a studio.  These are all very good signs that I'll get back into something that makes me really happy. 

The gym is going well.  My trainer has been gone teaching a football clinic so I've been working out with friends or by myself but I've still been going every day.  Since my diet is so void of protein, I feel a bit weak. I ran some today which felt good. I couldn't run before because it made me more nauseous.  Running won't last too long.  As soon as my stomach is sticking out too far, it feels really strange.  My trainer is back on Monday and I think I'm going to switch to another trainer who is training another pregnant lady. She has also had two kids since I've been going to the gym and she knows a lot about pregnancy and fitness.  I can then go back to Donnie when I'm ready to kick it into gear post baby. He seems to have only one training mode and it's an intense mode.

Next month we'll have our 20 week ultrasound and hopefully find out the sex of the baby.  I'm pretty excited.  I'm trying not to hope it's a girl since we will love a boy or girl, but that would be pretty great.

Wyatt and Hank were interested in fibroids (non cancerous tumors) after my first ultrasound so we looked at some pictures of them on the internet.  Pretty gross.  It inspired Hank to make some fibroid art. So cute!

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