I'm back, baby.  I'm through the worst of morning sickness and I feel back to myself. I am so, so thankful.  There's nothing like being sick to make you appreciate being healthy.  To celebrate, how about a blog post that's not just about me and how I'm feeling.

Amy and her family came to visit and it was so fun.  Since i wasn't up for a trip to Utah they drove down to see us.  That was really nice of them.  Another great surprise is that my dad and Jewel came out for the day (driving a total of 7 hrs in one day).

We had fun just talking and relaxing.  The kids had a great time playing. I still wasn't feeling great so I took a few pictures out of obligation for preserving the memory but wasn't really into it.  Now I'm glad I made myself take pictures because I'm so happy to have them.


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