4 months pregnant

5 months pregnant

Incase you haven't heard, we are having a girl. I am so excited.  I would totally love another boy, but the thought of having a girl and two boys in the family is so exciting.  I kept saying to Willie, "What are the chances?"  He kept saying, "Well, about 50/50." I just feel so blessed. I wonder what she'll be like.  She's going to be so smart and creative and strong and so cute in her striped tights and little dresses.  

I see some of my friends's baby girls and they don't try to escape or get into things constantly. Once Wyatt and Hank and I visited my sister's house and they had an art easel right in their front room with open paint right over their expensive carpet.  She said the girls just didn't get into it.  Hank (1yr old at that time) went straight to the paint and stuck his hand in it. 

As you can see from the pictures, my belly is in full swing.  I tried so hard to stay within my recommended weight gain for my 20 week ultrasound (10lbs) and I squeaked by at 1 lb or two over, but since then I feel like I'm growing really fast.  My sister-in-law Starr gave me a good lecture and told me part of the sacrifice of having a baby is gaining weight.  I needed to hear that.  I'm trying to eat healthy and I'm working out every day, so besides that there's not much I can do but roll with it and realize my body will do what it needs to to grow this baby.  I have major pregnancy weight gain fears after gaining 60lbs with Hank.  Being so big was uncomfortable and it took a long time to get rid of it.  With Hank, I did not exercise besides walking and I ate really poorly (lots of sweets) so I'm poised for a better time this pregnancy.  

My new trainer Lori, has been great. I thought she might be easier than Donnie, but she's not.  It's actually a bit harder because there is more cardio like running stairs but my weights are lighter.  She's is very aware of the way I feel and lets me stop and rest whenever I need it.  She also has tons of modifications so i don't have to be on my stomach or back.  My energy is much better from my first trimester and if the work out ends up being a little too much, a quick nap can restore my energy easily.

I had a really hard last couple of weeks. I took a commercial photography job in Arizona and it probably wasn't good timing for me.  I just felt so good when they called and asked and the money  was so tempting.  It really wore me out. Willie and I have since adopted the slogan, "It's only money."

The trip itself was tiring but fine.  I was extra homesick for Willie and the boys. I think my hard first trimester brought us really close together and I hadn't been gone since. The hard part was turning around the images in one week. I thought I had two weeks but they begged for sooner and I thought I should just go for it and get them done and over with.  That ended up putting my deadline right around Wyatt and Hank's birthday parties, and Wyatt's baptism.  There were not enough hours in the day and I was up several nights in a row until 1 or 2 am.  It was a major crunch. I also had bronchitis right before my trip which drained me of my energy.  Willie gave me a blessing the night before my trip and encouraged me to go to the doctor.  I met with the doctor hours before I left and he prescribed me two medications. I just kept thinking, "The doctor probably can't do anything for me. It will pass." As soon as I started taking medicine I improved quickly, like the next day I was much improved.  It's just what I needed.

So I'm finally feeling back to normal (1 week post this crunch time). I had to sleep a lot and take it easy and now I'm feeling happy again and not crying at every little thing. I want to take pictures (not with my digital camera yet). I'm making apple butter.  I'm finally cleaning our house.  I'm happy to just be working on my Case work.  I love fall.  My kids are angels.  Life is good.

p.s.  My facebook detox period was great.  I mostly learned that I'm not missing much on facebook and checking in every now and again is still enough to be connected.  The recent election heat up has also encouraged me to keep my distance even more.  I do think there can be moderation with facebook and I'm dedicated to pull it off.

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