6 Month Update

6 months pregnant

Things are going well. My belly is growing fast.  I have actually noticed a big change in size in the last week.  I had to do some shopping to get bigger everything.  I'm moving into phase 2 of maternity clothes, meaning less cute, more tent-ish.  I also had to buy a maternity sweatshirt and jacket yesterday. I'm totally short on warm maternity clothes since I was pregnant with Hank and Wyatt during summer.

My energy level has improved. I don't nap most days, but I do totally poop out after dinner and end up just lying in bed and going to bed early.  My mood changes from day to day.  Some days I feel pretty normal and motivated.  Other days I'm pretty blue and end up just taking it easy.

The weight is coming on pretty fast now. I met with my midwife a week or so ago.  The babies heartbeat was strong and everything looked great.  She is aware that I'm trying to gain less weight than last time so we looked through my gaining history with Hank.  Up to this point with Hank I had gained the same amount of weight, about 20lbs.  She said that in the four months after this point with Hank I gained 40lbs.  That's right. I put on 10lbs a month.  So I was kind of bummed that my healthy eating and daily exercise haven't given me any edge.  I haven't given up and we'll see what the next four months bring but I think I'm doing everything I can.

Running is officially over.  When I run now I get strange aches and it's uncomfortable.  Hiking is a great alternative but not that practical, so yesterday we bought a cheap used elliptical machine so I have an option of something to do close to home. It has become the favorite toy of Hank and Wyatt and I think they've lost 5lbs since yesterday since it's all they have been doing. 

On a non pregnancy related note, Willie made partner at his law firm.  We are so excited and relieved. It was supposed to happen last year and they put the vote off for a year which was scary.  We aren't totally sure how this will change things for us.  Willie will have to buy into the firm so there is a business loan in our future. We are hoping his pay will increase, though it will become variable since he will no longer be on a salary but taking profit splits from the firm.  They haven't given Willie the partner agreement yet, so once he does we'll know more. Oh, we'll also be able to join the firm medical and dental insurance.  Getting dental insurance and no having to pay deductibles and percentages of medical services will save us a lot of money. Mostly it's so important because Willie has finished paying his dues as an associate at the firm and is now an equal partner and valued by all the partners.  It the natural progression to his profession that we hopped would happen.  

I'm still keeping up at the gym and enjoying myself and those ladies behind me need to stop gabbing and get to work.

Hiking is my preferred way of exercise, but it doesn't always fit in my day and the kids hike a little slow for the kind of work out I want.

The new machine. I hope it can last 4 months.


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