7 Month Update

It's official, I'm totally pregnant. My body is right on track for putting a huge belly right out in front of me.  I've started to get the "you must be due any day" comments.  Third time around, I'm totally used to it and don't mind. I'm also starting to slow down.  I knew it would happen.  I wake up on top of the world, ready to do anything and everything and that lasts until about 4pm when I slowly start to shut down right before dinner (not helpful for our meals) and end up doing very little the rest of the night.

I'm still working out but it's getting a lot easier.  My weights are lighter and I don't have to do a lot of the hard things my workout mates do that include jumping or a really high heartrate. We also have a great time talking constantly about labor and previous pregnancies and weight gain, etc.  It's like a big slumber party while lifting weights.  I work out with 5 other women and one of them is due around the same time as me.  My elliptical has worked out great at home.  My trainer has me working out 6 days a week, three times weight training and three 50 minute cardio sessions.  I'm not sure it's helping with my weight gain much (I'm at 25 lbs) but it's really helped lift my moods and increase my energy and keep me strong.

When I went to my midwife yesterday she said that my due date had been moved to Feb. 19th after my ultrasound. I told her that I couldn't accept that and that I'm going to keep my original due date of Feb. 15th. I can't wrap my mind around those extra couple of days.  She's okay with that. I really like my midwife. She is so chilled out.  After everything I went though with Wyatt's birth, I just needed someone who is relaxed and an anchor to my tendencies to worry.

All and all things are great. The baby is growing fine and has a strong heartbeat and is wiggling all around.  Feb. still feels so far away.  We've been casually talking about names but nothing firm yet.  Hank is just tall enough to get hit by my belly a lot.  Poor dear. He's also had some minor head injuries from hitting my cameras that hang on the same level as his head.


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