Wyatt's Baptism

We've had a busy past month, and I'm kind of behind on blogging and since my true desire is to make a blog book every year, there are some things I can't leave out.  Wyatt's baptism was such a great experience.

Wyatt was so excited to get baptized.  It meant so much to him to have my parents drive out for the event.  I was so glad they could come and support Wyatt. When I spoke at his baptism I told him some of the memories I had from my baptism.  I remembered that my Grandpa and Grandma were there and my grandma brought me a butterfinger.  In one of the pictures I had chocolate on my mouth which is a common theme in a lot of my pictures even today.  My Grandma also whispered to me that the ring she was wearing would be mine someday. I worse the ring to the baptism in her honor.

It was hard for me to speak at the baptism without crying.  I'm normally emotional, plus I'm pregnant, plus I was underslept form a work deadline.  I seriously felt like sobbing and had a hard time controlling my crying.  I just felt so happy and so much love for Wyatt.  He has such a tender heart and he is so kind and obedient and innocent.  He just came that way.  It's not something Willie and I can take any credit for.

What I told him in my talk is that I was  young when I got baptized and I don't remember a whole lot from it, but the benefits have affected me positively my whole life.  He is starting on a journey as a follower of Christ.  Baptism is the gate and the path is narrow and not everyone finds it.  The gift of the Holy Ghost will help keep him on that path and because of that he'll be happy.

We sure love Wyatt.


  1. Kathy said...
    Thanks for posting. I'm sorry we couldn't make it. But I'm glad Your family could be there. Wyatt is such a wonderful kid, as you said. And he has wonderful parents.
    Travis said...
    So beautiful!
    Ginger said...
    This is such a great milestone. Congratulations Wyatt!

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