Merry Christmas from the DeFords!

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photo by Justin Hackworth

Before we do the individual breakdown, we have to get some major news out of the way.  First, another baby DeFord will be arriving mid February.  We are so excited.  It's a girl and I can't wait to meet her and get to know her.  I also can't wait to stop being pregnant.  Second, Willie was made a partner at his law firm which means we are really settling down in Grand Junction. This is a great milestone in his profession and we are really happy about it.

Now, some news.


I started off the year with another Santa Fe Photographic Workshop and it was amazing.  I had such a great teacher and loving and supportive classmates.  It was beautiful snowy weather and I had a long drive to Santa Fe and back to think and listen to books. I felt so refreshed and inspired.  This year we finally turned our garage into a photography studio which has so nice to have.

I feel like I've been pregnant most of this year but really, it's only been since May.  It's a hard process physically and emotionally for me but worth it.   I've been able to stick to a regular exercise program this whole pregnancy, but feel I myself starting to loosing steam.

I was able to take three commercial photography jobs this year that brought me to New York twice and to Arizona.  It was thrilling and exhausting. It was nice working several times for the same client since my jitters wore off a bit.  The night before my first job with this client, I was on the verge of throwing up because I was so nervous.

I am a counselor in our ward Relief Society presidency and it's been a great experience for me to serve. I find a lot of meaning in my life by being active and involved in our church.


Besides the big news of making partner at his firm, Willie has had another year full of books and music and church service.  He's been a counselor in our bishopric since January and has enjoyed serving the people in our ward and seeing the sacrifices they make to serve.

Lowlands (his electric band) is still going strong and he loves every moment of it.

During the summer Willie summited Mt. Wetterhorn with some friends to celebrate his friend's 40th birthday.  He's just gearing up to train for another Moab half marathon.  I wish I could join him but I don't see myself becoming half marathon ready one month after having a baby.

Willie is still so beloved by the boys.  I love how they squeal with joy when he gets home and right now they are over the moon that he is home all the time for Christmas vacation.


Wyatt is such an angel. He has the sweetest disposition.  He moved schools this year to a charter school right by our house.  It's been an easy transition for him and he's doing great.  He gets more art and more music education than his other school and he also has a 4 day school week.  He was also baptized and became a boy scout this year.

Wyatt has been excelling at the guitar.  He takes weekly guitar lessons but also picks it up to practice just for fun.  He is just about to pass me up in guitar knowledge (which doesn't take much) and we are so happy to see him enjoying the guitar and improving at  such a young age. I feel like we might have another Willie in the making.

When I asked Wyatt what he likes to do, he said he likes to read in bed at night and play with our neighbors Liam and Ezra.


Hank is so much fun.  He's in costume most of the time and loves working at his desk and playing around (running around the house making play noises while imagining an elaborate scenario).  He is in his second year of pre-school and really enjoys it.  Hank has a real interest in drums and got a drum set for Christmas.  It's going to be so cute and so noisy. The boys will be moving into the basement in preparation for the baby and that's where the drums will stay.

Hank is so affectionate.  He is always wanting to snuggle and hold hands. I just love it.  He also loves to help out with cooking in the kitchen.  When I asked him what he likes to do, he said he likes to watch TV.

We've had a great year and feel so blessed and happy.  It's crazy to think we are going back into the baby stage in our life.  Now if the kids get up too early for us, they leave us sleeping and get their own food and watch TV.  We'll be back to diapers and sleepless nights but it seems a small sacrifice to bring another person like Hank and Wyatt into our family.  We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year full of meaning and gratitude.


The DeFords


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