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I made this little collage of my belly (and body fat) progression in hopes that I'm almost to the end.  In reality, I'm pretty sure I'll have about two more pictures to add.  I'm a month away from my due date.

The last week has been a turning point for me and I'm starting to feel really pregnant and uncomfortable.  I'm walking strange.  I started having some irregular contractions.  I'm swelling.  My hips are so painful during the night that I have to get up and walk around several times.  I even considered not going to the gym today.  I did end up going and my mood was much improved when I got home. I actually wanted to stay in bed all day but because my hips are so sore I knew it would be painful to stay in bed all day.  Oh yeah, I have a job, a church calling, two kids and the messiest house known to man so I have some things to do.

I saw my midwife today and everything looks great.  The only problem we had is that she said I was 34 weeks (going off my ultrasound) and by my conception date I'm 35 weeks, so I kind of wanted to fight her but she's really nice so I forgave her.  My blood pressure was great so my swelling is just normal. I think my swelling has come on in my feet and legs because I've started working again after the longest holiday ever and sitting at a desk makes a pregnant lady's legs and feet swell.

My weight gain is depressing. I knew this would be an experiment and my sister-in-law who is queen of fitness and so tiny, also gains a bunch of weight no matter what, but I had to see if I could control it.  I've only improved about 8lbs compared to this time with Hank.  I guess that's still 8lbs but I'm wondering if it's worth it because of all the delicious treats I got to enjoy during Hank's pregnancy. I ate whatever I wanted. So I've gained 40lbs so far and probably have about 10 more to go but the weight gain in the end of Hank's pregnancy was a lot of fluid.  I was really swollen. My healthy eating and working out has done a lot for me as far as being less depressed goes and I feel strong. I may be awkward but I still have my muscle tone and my heart is strong.  With Hank and Wyatt, I felt like I was an old smoker lady. I was weak and frail and was always eying those motorized carts at the store.  I also think it will help me jump back into getting back in shape. My main hurdles with post-pardum fitness will be not getting enough sleep and depression.  Both of those can make it hard to really get back into a rigorous fitness program.

In the next few days we have the basement egress windows going in the basement room so we can make a place for the boys.  After the windows go in, we'll need to do some work on the walls and get carpet.  Then we can start working on the nursery.  I have a feeling we are taking on a lot a little too close to when the baby is born, but I might actually be more help once the baby is on the outside.  They sleep a lot when they are brand new.

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