Two weeks have passed and all my helpers are gone, so it's time to get back to normal life.  I thought I'd start by posting about Lula and her birth.

The Final Stretch:

I kept wanting to post about my final stretch but I couldn't really find a way to describe it that wasn't a total downer.  It was really hard. Look at my belly. I could barely move.  I couldn't sleep. I couldn't bend over.  I really wanted to have the baby and nothing was happening so I just cried.  My last appointment with my midwife, I cried almost the whole time.  The kids were wondering what in the world was going on.  I'm sure I felt the same with Hank but I had forgotten how hard it was physically and emotionally at the end of a pregnancy.  I spent a lot of my time in the bath and on the bed with the iPad.

The Birth:

On Feb. 11th, we ate dinner and I felt kind of strange.  I didn't eat much and decided to take a bath while the boys went to get valentines at the store.  I was relaxing in the bath when I screamed because I was startled by a gush of water.  My water had just broken. It was around 7pm.

I called Willie and they hadn't made it to the store yet.  they turned around and came home.  I immediately was filled with excitement and fear.  Though I wasn't in labor yet, I knew what was coming but it was also finally time for what I had been waiting for.  Some people think a fast birth sounds awesome.  All I can say is that it will knock your socks off.  To go from no contractions to ready to push a baby out in two hours is so intense.  Since Hank's birth went so fast we wanted to get to the hospital as soon as possible. We had enough time to gather things together, for Willie to give me a blessing and to drop the boys off to spend the night at the Noble's house.  We got to the hospital a little before 8pm.  Mild contractions started on our way to the hospital.

Once we got into our room, Willie went to park the car and I took this picture. It was a strange moment. I didn't want to lie on the bed since they had everything laid out so nicely and no one was there to tell me what to do. I just stood there by the bed until the nurse came.

Once Willie got back, my labor started coming on really fast.  I had decided in my last chance to try and have a good birth experience, I would get an epidural.  I also told them that last time I got it too late (leaving me too medicated to help get Hank out in an emergency situation) so I asked for the expedited treatment. The doctor said he gave me enough to keep me comfortable for a few hrs.  I still had full use of my legs which I needed since Ruth Ann (my midwife) had me try about every birthing position in the book, encouraging me to choose the one that hurt the worst so I could work with my contractions.  

When Ruth Ann arrived, she turned off all the lights and brought her electric tea light candles and put them all around.  She also put out some essential oils.  Then we waited for what seemed like 5 minutes (probably more like an hr), and it was time to start pushing.  It wasn't long after that that I started to feel pain in my hip and my tailbone.    I worked so hard to get the baby out for a little over an hr.  It was so much work.  Praises be to my trainer that kept me strong because I needed it.  The epidural wore off leaving me able to feel all my contractions to help me know how and when to push.

Finally, Willie caught Lucinda and put her on my stomach (my birth dream).  There were no doctors needed. This was my first time getting a baby out without help and without complications. It was just two nurses, Ruth Ann and Willie.  No forceps, no vacuum, no NICU, just us. It was dark and we could see all the lights of Grand Junction out the huge windows.   It took us a while before we even weighed her.  Willie cut the cord and held her while they fixed me up.  Then it was over and we had our baby.  It took 3.5 hrs total and it was so nice showing up to the hospital still composed.  With Hank I should not have waited so long.  I showed up at the hospital in transition and it was a crazy blur.


We named her Lucinda after my great, great grandmother Mary Lucinda Cole.  You can read about her here. Her middle name Mae is the middle name of my maternal grandmother.  She is adorable. We are in love.  Our only hurdle has been breastfeeding, which has happened with all my kids.  I had mastitis and my milk supply took a huge dip and I'm now pumping and she's being fed with a bottle.  The same thing happened with Wyatt and Hank so I'm hopeful I can get her back to nursing.  I've had great support from the lactation nurses at the hospital.

She's been having two 4 hr stretches of sleep at night which is the hugest blessing ever.  She's good natured and so warm and small and sweet.  I had my mom here for a week and she totally saved us through the breastfeeding/not getting enough milk drama.  She also stayed the night with me the second night in the hospital and it was great just hanging out and talking and depriving her of sleep.  My dad and step mom came on Sunday and spent time entertaining the kids, letting me sleep and doing laundry. I'm so lucky to have the support of my parents.  Now it's time to settle into a routine and enjoy having a baby around.  We are so happy.

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