I'm going to write about my thoughts on turning 38 but before I do that I have a few little things I want to post about.

The Dishwasher

I know it's just an appliance but I can't tell you how much a new dishwasher has improved my life.  We have had two previous dishwashers that only worked so so.  I had to really rinse the dishes before putting them in.  After we sold the Transport, I took the money straight from the hands of the buyer to sears and bought the best dishwasher I could pay for with the cash ($800).  With installation, tax and warranty, that ended up getting us about two machines up for the lowest model.  So even though it's nothing fancy, it works great. I don't rinse the dishes. I just put them right in, turn it on and that's it.  Wow.  Now that it only take a few minutes to load the dishwasher I have time and energy to do the rest of the kitchen.  Total kitchen revolution. I'm so thankful.  We've been without a working dishwasher for almost a year.


The Cleanse

Willie and I are doing a cleanse that Sara Stratford turned us on to.  I was going to do it alone but then Willie wanted to join in.  I thought it would be hard, but it's going well.  We have eliminated sugar, dairy, eggs, gluten, soy, peanuts, red/processed meat, caffeine, citrus, and nightshade vegetables.  We basically just eat food made out of coconut (that's a cleanse joke).  We have a green smoothie for breakfast a solid lunch (chicken, brown rice, vegetable) then a blended soup for dinner.  Then nothing for 12 hrs. We are having a great time eating so healthy. I'm hoping to get to the bottom of some food sensitivity issues I'm having and it's really started a health food renaissance for Willie and me.  I'm glad we are doing this.  I feel really good.


We had two really great trips to Utah.  We had so much cousin time and long talks and hikes.  Having the van has really made the trip easier.  I really like my family.

Lula Love

We've got it so bad. All of us.  She is an angel and we adore her.  This morning she woke up at 6am (after going to bed around 6:30pm) to eat.  I felt a little coolness in the air so I grabbed a quilt and we snuggled under it while I fed her. I was so happy to be there with her and kiss her soft hair. Absolute heaven.  After she was finished she went back to bed for two more hrs. I just can't believe how much happiness she has brought to us.  This was the right time for her to join our family and so many things have fallen into place with sleep, my mental health, the age of the boys to make for a really enjoyable experience.  Now let's get to what we have all been waiting for.  Pictures!

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