The night before Thanksgiving I made pies and I asked Willie to take this picture of me to match the one I have of my Grandma on my picture wall.  It's not very often that we have a whole, picturesque pie.  If I waited for morning for better light, there might have have been a piece missing.  I'm wearing one of her aprons in the picture. While I was cooking, I listened to a radio story about making pies.  It talked about women learning to make pies from their mothers and grandmothers.  My grandma was really into pies and I learned a lot from her.

I miss my grandma.  She's been gone for about 14 years.  She was such a strong influence for good in my life.  She worked tirelessly to keep her family close together. I have many memories of dinners and holidays. I want so much to be like her. I haven't turned out to be much of an entertainer, but hopefully I'm like her in other ways.  I do know how to make a good pies, though,and I think she'd be proud.


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